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32Gi Low Gi Endurance Drink

On-course nutrition at the 2017 Great Ocean Road Running Festival will be provided by 32Gi Sports Nutrition. 32Gi Low Gi Endurance Drink will be available at drink stations along the Ultra, Marathon, Half & 14km events. Please refer to the relevant page for your chosen distance for information on drink station locations.

We recommend training with the sports drink you plan to use on Race Day. To try 32Gi Low Gi Endurance Drink before race day, drop into one of the stockists or order online.

Who are 32Gi?

32Gi is a leading endurance supplement provider. Their complete focus is providing customers with high quality balanced and sustainable energy supplements, while empowering them with knowledge of healthier nutrition options.

32Gi Ethics

32Gi is concerned about the health of its customers. Their products are always designed with the consumer’s health in mind. Great care is taken to ensure that all 32Gi products are clean, simple and contain no unnecessary additives. 32Gi products contain no non-nutritive sweeteners, artificial flavours or colours. 32Gi has formulated all products in line with the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) requirements to ensure that the brand is of the highest standards. 32Gi is a brand that customers can trust and know that their needs are being put first. 32Gi always advocates health before performance and is here to support and guide you through your nutrition, performance and health goals.

32Gi at the Great Ocean Road Running Festival

You can check out the complete range of products at one of the 32Gi marquees at the Great Ocean Road Running Festival, and even get a free recovery drink at the finish line on the day.


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