2022 Kieser Great Ocean Road Running Festival Event Guide

RACE DAY CHECKLIST 1. DRESS REHEARSAL Prior to race day, do a dress rehearsel in training where you trial your clothes, shoes, hydration and nutrition at the same time of day as your race. Make sure there are no surprises on race day, control what you can do! 2. CARBOHYDRATES ARE KING Starting the night before and even on the morning of your race – 2 to 3 hours prior to running, ensure your body is fueled with the right carbohydrates to give you energy throughout your run. Make sure to trial this as well. WITH KIESER EXERCISE SCIENTIST DANIEL PLAYSTED 3. PACE YOURSELF Take on a comfortable pace to start the race. With competition, crowds and race day excitement, it is far too common to take off too quickly and struggle through the last stint of your run. You can always speed up later if you’re feeling comfortable. 4. DRINK LITTLE, AND OFTEN With water stations every 2.55km make sure to have small sips of water throughout the race. Especially if you’re supplementing with gels or an electrolyte drink. 5. HAVE FUN Most importantly enjoy the run! Studies suggest those that have a positive mindset around race day will not only perform better, but also enjoy the experience and be more likely to take on more physical activity in the future. 11