2022 Kieser Great Ocean Road Running Festival Event Guide

MAT PILATES A mat-based Pilates class that combines traditional Pilates postures and low-impact cardio techniques that will prepare your body for whichever event lies ahead! YOGA FLOW a feel-good sequence that will help you release your muscles and go with the flow… literally! Think mindful breath, and movements that will lengthen those muscles and encourage flexibility. MAT PILATES FOR RUNNERS This mat-based Pilates class combines traditional Pilates postures and low-impact cardio techniques, specifically targeted at preparing those ‘running muscles’ to perform. WELLNESS PROGRAM YIN YOGA This slow-paced, restorative class will reset both the body and the mind through a series of yin yoga postures and mindfulness techniques. Targeting both the fascial tissue and the energetic system, it will leave you moving freely and in an ultimate state of bliss! WARM UP Join us for the ultimate pre-run prep. We’ll guide you through a series of movements that will target all the right areas and prepare your body for what’s ahead! YOGA RECOVERY If you’ve already completed your run, this sequence is not to be missed. Aimed at those areas that worked hard for you during your run, this is the ultimate slow down and recovery that your post-run body will thank you for! BY 18