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Whether you’re chasing a finish time, or just trying to make it to the finish line – our Training Plans are here for you. The dream is not the destination but the journey, and your journey starts here!

The 44km Training Plan has been carefully constructed by a Kieser Physiotherapist and Exercise Scientist, combining strength and endurance sessions to get you starting and finishing strong.

Brought to you by Brooks, the 23km Training Plan is perfect for all abilities. Learn about the keys to success and how they to carry you to the finish line: rest, nutrition, commitment and consistency.

The 14km Training Plan will get you to the Start Line feeling your fittest and strongest, and will have you enjoying the journey every step of the way.

Can also be followed for 13.5km Trail

Perfect for those who are new to the Great Ocean Road Running Festival. The 6km Training Plan will build the foundations for you to run your best race.

Can also be followed for 6.5km Trail


Jacqui Bell’s Top 10 Trail Running Tips

Jacqui Bell is an Ultra Marathon Runner, Inspirational Speaker and Mental Health Ambassador. She currently holds the world record for the youngest female to ever complete multi-stage Ultra marathons across 7 continents. Currently on her way to compete in the […]

Improve Your Running Posture

While your legs power you forward and handle the ground impact, it’s important to remember your upper body. When you start to tire, upper body posture is often the first thing to go. You start to slouch, which restricts your […]

Want to Run Better? Here’s How.

1. Don’t ignore pain Red flag symptoms that could indicate significant injury include night pain, swelling (particularly pitting oedema – when you press down on the area with a finger and the indentation remains after the pressure is removed) and/or […]

CorePlus’ Favourite 5 Workouts

CorePlus bring you their ‘Favourite 5’ workouts. Include them in your Training Schedule or as a Warm Up / Cool Down session!


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