Learn how to properly fuel your body before Race Day thanks to our Official Hydrogel Partner Maurten Australia.

Carbohydrate intake results in better performance

In endurance-based sports, a major goal of training is to enhance the athletes’ physiological systems to work at higher intensities. To achieve this, competitive athletes combine large volumes of training, including workouts with intensity levels at or faster than race pace. Using a prescribed carbohydrate fuelling strategy as part of your training program will help optimize your training effort and reduce early performance reductions or fatigue. Executing these fuel strategies in training and on race day will help decrease the risk of underperformance. Caffeine has some well-known athletic benefits; increased alertness decreased perceived exertion and therefore reduced fatigue. It takes time to reach effective levels in the body. Taking an appropriate dose of caffeine 60 minutes before training or racing can stimulate performance. Alternatively, take smaller doses of caffeine during a race or a hard training session before the onset of fatigue. Using caffeine together with carbohydrates provide an enhanced performance effect compared to taking each in isolation. The following pages outline fuelling strategies for common training sessions and race plans. Remember that a fuel guide is highly personal and varies depending on individual diets and also on specific training programs. The following information is for reference only and can help empower your training, by creating, refining, and help you execute your fuel strategy.

Get used to it.

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