Ultra Marathon


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The ultimate challenge for the endurance athlete. Make your way from Lorne along the renowned Great Ocean Road, then head inland through flourishing forest before returning to glorious ocean views. Completing such a unique and breathtaking 60km course all on your own strength is simply one of the most empowering feelings there is. You’ll be feeling unstoppable as you run through the finishing arch in Apollo Bay.

All runners considering the Ultra Marathon please understand that this is a challenge that you must be up for both physically and mentally. Please ensure that you adjust your training to suit this course, and can run the 60km within the event cut-off time (6.5 hours) prior to registering for this event.

We strongly recommend looking at the course elevation. An elevation map for the Ultra Marathon can be found here.



Event Information

Date Saturday 17 May
Start Time 8:00am
Distance 60km
Cut Off Time 6 hours and 30 minutes
Start Line Lorne SLSC Car Park, Mount Joy Parade, Lorne
Finish Line Apollo Bay Hotel, Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay
Age Limit 18 years on Race Day
Registration Cut Off Saturday 17 May 5pm, or unless sold out prior.


Entry Fees & Inclusions

Entry Fee – Adult $170



  • Race Bib with attached timing chip + safety pins
  • Finishers Medal

Race Bib Distribution

Australian Competitors

  • Race bib are only posted to those who register prior to 11.59pm February 21st and provide an Australian address on their registration. If for any reason your Race Bib does not arrive, a replacement bib can be collected from the Race Week Office. Please note, if you enter the Event between 12:00am on Feb 21st, 2024 and 11:59pm on April 17, you will have the option of paying for priority postage or collection from the event race offices (Lorne and Apollo Bay) during race office hours. Registering from 12:00am Wednesday April 18 onwards, means you will be required to pick up/collect your Event race pack from the Event race office prior to the commencement of the Event.

International Competitors
All international competitors are required to collect their bibs from the Race Week Office

Course Map

Click on the above elevation map to explore an interactive elevation map. Please note that the distance on this course elevation map is approximate, as the official course is measured to exactly 60km. 


Important Ultra Marathon cut off time information

The Ultra has two cut off point the reason for this is that we must reopen the Great Ocean Rd at no later than 2.30 and all runners must be off the road before we open.

  • The first cut off is at Sunnyside Rd this is 33.5km into the course you must reach this point no later than 11.40am this is calculated on run pace of 6mins 30 seconds per Km
  • The second cut off at Hickeys Cutting this is 47.5 km into the course you must reach this point no later than 12.45pm this is calculated on run pace of 6mins per Km

At each Turnout segment you will receive a wrist band if you miss a cut off you can still continue to the finish.

  • If you miss cut off 1 you can still complete turn out 2 your total distance will be 50km – your time is recorded
  • If you miss both cut offs the distance is 44.76km – your time is recorded

Drink Stations

There are 16 drink stations along the Ultra Marathon course.

Water will be provided on course and may also choose to carry your own sports drinks/gels with you. Please discard this rubbish at the bins provided at the drink stations.


Distance Description Whats on offer Toilet
0 Lorne Fore Shore Start DRINK STATION # 1 Water Yes
2.5km Turnout Apollo Bay Side of St George River DRINK STATION # 2 Water Yes
5km 50m Apollo Bay side Sheoaks Falls Rd (Turn Out) DRINK STATION # 2A Water Yes
10.7km Large Turn Out Lorne Side of Jamison Rver DRINK STATION # 3 Water /Gatorade Yes
15.4km Turn Out oppisite to Starsfield Rd in Wye River DRINK STATION # 4 Water /Gatorade Yes
21.8km Kennett River DRINK STATION # 5 Water /Gatorade Yes
25km Grey River Turn Out DRINK STATION # 6 Water /Gatorade Yes
31.1km Turn OUT DRINK STATION # 7 Water /Gatorade Yes
36 km Sunnyside Rd outside # 270 Drinks Ultra #1 Out Water /Gatorade No
41km Sunnyside Rd outside # 270 Drinks Ultra #1 Back Water /Gatorade No
41.3km Turn OUT DRINK STATION # 8 Water /Gatorade Yes
48.2km Turn into Hickeys Cutting Drinks Ultra #2 Out Water /Gatorade No
53.2 km Turn out of Hickeys Cutting Drinks Ultra #2 Back Water /Gatorade No
54.8 km Telstra Phone box Turn Out – Bus Stop DRINK STATION # 9 Water /Gatorade Yes
58.5 km Turn Out 100m Past Pices Drive DRINK STATION # 10 Water /Gatorade Yes
60km Finish Between the Bollards in front of Apollo Bay Hotel DRINK STATION # FINISH Water /Gatorade Yes

Prize Money

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place male and female will receive prize money and an official event trophy.

1st Place $1,000
2nd Place $500
3rd Place $250

Start Line Map

Race Day Bus Information

A shuttle bus service will run from Apollo Bay to Lorne to get Ultra Marathon runners to the start line on Sunday 19th of May.

Return buses will travel from Apollo Bay (Thomson St) back to Lorne after the event. Buses will commence at approximately 11am, last bus is at 3:30pm sharp.

You will be required to purchase a bus pass to enable you on these buses. This must be purchased during the online event registration process.

Ultra Marathon bus routes are listed below:

Getting to the start line in Lorne (depart from 5:45am):
Please note there are two departure points along Main St. Please make sure you are at the departure point for Marathon/Ultra Marathon runners. Exact locations will be published closer to the event.

Apollo Bay (Main St) to Lorne
Pisces Big 4 Holiday Park to Lorne
Skenes Creek (Vline bus stop) to Lorne
Kennett River (Vline bus stop) to Lorne
Wye River (Vline bus stop) to Lorne

After the event from Apollo Bay (depart from approximately 11am onwards)

Apollo Bay (Thompson St) to Skenes Creek
Apollo Bay (Thompson St) to Kennett River
Apollo Bay (Thompson St) to Wye River
Apollo Bay (Thompson St) to Lorne


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