Following a sell-out year in 2023, The Great Ocean Road running festival has grown more and more popular and in 2024 has already SOLD OUT of the Ultra Marathon, 44KM Great Ocean Road Marathon, the 23KM Brooks Half Marathon and the 14km Paradise Run.   To be the first to know when registration opportunities for these SOLD OUT events become available, join our waitlist below!

By signing up to the Waitlist, a limited number of participants will be able to claim a registration to a sold out event once a spot becomes available due to cancellations or withdrawals.

Registrations secured through our Waitlist are very limited. Waitlist participants are not guaranteed a registration spot in the sold out event.

To be the first to know when registration opportunities become available join our waitlist below


There is no guarantee of securing a spot through our Waitlist so we strongly suggest registering for an available event category distance in the meantime to avoid missing out all together. 

It is our priority to get as many runners off our Waitlist and into the event. To do so, we plan to facilitate a release of registrations based on the amount of withdrawals processed in the period prior. These positions will be re-released to our Waitlist through our new ballot process.


Participants may withdraw from the event via the Withdrawal form on our website up until 11:59pm on Wednesday 17th of April whereby they will receive a refund minus the cancellation fee applicable. These newly available entries are then pooled ready for release to the waitlist.

If demand continues to grow for a sold out category, we may extend the cancellation date to facilitate eager participants on the waitlist.

Would you consider increasing capacities?

We are always working hard to find ways to increase our capacities to allow more runners to experience this great event. However, runner safety and experience will always be our main priority, and that’s why we have strict capacities. We want to ensure our runners have an enjoyable experience on course, with plenty of people to cheer them on as they take to the incredible Great Ocean Road.


How does it work?

Participating is simple! Keep an eye out for the release opening date, which will be announced soon. When the release opens, you’ll have the ability to enter your details for a chance to purchase a Great Ocean Road Running Festival registration.

Enter your details to commit.

Once the Release opens, you’ll have 24 hours to submit your name and payment details, bringing you one step closer to the Start Line. Remember, you’ll only be charged if you’re successful.

Let the countdown begin!

Get ready to seize this opportunity. If you’re signed up to the Waitlist, you’ll be the first to know the time and date of our next Release.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is EQL and why has the Great Ocean Road Running Festival partnered with them for the ballot?

EQL is a third-party commerce platform that helps manage the launch of products in high demand. The Great Ocean Road Running Festival has now partnered with EQL to help manage releases of limited registrations within sold out race distances . EQL helps us stop the bots and deliver a fair launch, getting available registrations into the hands of more participants.

Partnering with EQL means that:

  • Every entry goes through a multi-step security verification process that confirms you are a human, ensuring registrations get into the hands of those who participate fairly.
  • One entry per person because entries are deduplicated against unique identification tags.
  • Once you have a verified EQL account, entering becomes a breeze – with entries submitted in just a few clicks.

How do I participate?

Step 1: Once the release is open, follow the links to the EQL entry form.

Step 2: Log in to your EQL account. If you do not have an EQL account, you will need to create one.

Step 3: Provide payment details. Remember, you will only be charged if your entry is successful.

Step 4: Verify your entry.

Step 5: Hit the “submit” button. Congrats! Your entry is now registered in the release.

Remember, the release will only be accessible to enter once it has opened.

IMPORTANT: To be selected you must have provided a valid credit card, future expiration date, and authorisation to charge. The provided card is charged when the applicant is drawn; if t

How are the capacities for registrations accessed via the ballot determined?

The capacities of registrations accessed via each release will vary depending on the amount of withdrawals processed in the period prior.

Why do you need my credit card details when I enter?

Credit/debit card details are required as a security measure to deliver a fair release for everyone by helping us confirm you’re not a bot as well as helping us secure your registration if you are selected.

Am I charged to enter the release?

No, you are not charged to enter and no hold is placed on your card. EQL requires payment information to help verify your identity and to use in case you are selected so that your order can be submitted. Please note: having your entry selected does not guarantee your order.

Can I cancel my entry before the release window closes?

Yes, but only if the release window has not closed. If you want to cancel your entry before the release window closes, return to the initial page while logged in and click on “Cancel my entry” then follow the prompts. If you cancel your entry before the release window closes, you will not be charged and you may lose your opportunity to purchase from the release.

Can I cancel my entry after the release window closes?

Unfortunately, you cannot withdraw your entry once the release window closes. Once an entry is confirmed, it means that you agree to purchase the registration should your order be approved.

Can I enter the release multiple times?

We want everyone to have a fair chance of entering the release. Therefore, only one entry per person, per distance will be allowed. If you are unsuccessful in this release, you will have a better chance at winning in the next through EQL’s EQLizer technology.

How do I know if my entry was successful?

If you are selected in the release you will be alerted via email, followed by an exclusive access link to complete your registration. You will also receive an additional email with the order confirmation for the registration you purchased. Your registration will be provided in accordance with the terms & conditions of the event.

Why was my entry not successful?

If your entry was not successful, it means that your entry was not selected.

My entry was selected but my order was not processed. Why?

Having your entry selected does not guarantee an order. Sometimes orders are rejected because your method of payment failed – whether it was flagged for suspected fraud, insufficient funds, or incomplete information.

Unfortunately, at this time EQL does not send a failed payment email, but you may receive one from your financial institution. The Great Ocean Road Running Festival is unable to hold inventory for customers when their payment fails to process so the orders are rejected.

Do I have to do anything once my entry is selected?

Yes, you will need to complete your attendance through our official registration platform.

You will receive an exclusive access link following your winners email. Click through to add your details (ie medical information, age category, options to purchase merchandise, etc). Only once you have completed these details is your registration confirmed. Please note, your registration will be shown as $0 as you have already paid through the release process. Any additional add on items (ie merchandise) will be charged accordingly.

Why do only successful entrants pay?

The fee is only charged to those who successfully and fairly secure a registration through an EQL release. The Nike Melbourne Marathon Festival and EQL will not charge people for the chance to participate in the release or to increase their chances for future releases.

An invoice for your fee will be included along with your winners email.

Can I transfer my registration to a friend?

No, the registrations that have been accessed via the release process are not able to be transferred. If you no longer wish to participate in the event, please withdraw your registration via the Withdrawal Form to allow your entry to be released to those eagerly waiting on the waitlist.

What’s the Run Fair® Fee?

If you’ve ever joined an EQL launch before, you’ve seen their tech at work. With every launch, EQL is:

  • Rewarding fair entries: so real, genuine fans have the most legitimate chance at getting the products they love. We see on average 34% of entries either coming from bots or people trying to cheat the system and have to evolve our tech as they do.
  • Securing your data – We received the ultimate certification in security and compliance to ensure your information stays safe.
  • Streamlining your experience – no waiting in queues, no crashing sites, no password dilemmas
  • Improving your odds – The EQLizer gives you a better chance at winning with every loss. EQL is committed to continuously scaling up all of this to serve both brands and fans.

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