A Guide To Getting Ready For Your Great Ocean Road Running Festival 2023

Before you embark on pounding the pavement as you run along the most serene coast of Victoria; we want to arm you with a guide to getting ready for the much-awaited Great Ocean Road Running Festival 2023! Whilst preparation usually occurs months in advance before the actual big run, there’s a couple of things that we suggest you do every day to achieve that personal best.

Eat healthy: Consuming a variety of nutritious whole foods is the key to supporting your body and getting it prepped for the run day. Make sure to eat lots of different coloured vegetables and fruits that are high in fibre. Add wholegrain food items like cereals and bread to your diet. Do not forget to include low-fat dairy or diary alternatives too. Another must-add is good sources of proteins found in lean meat, seafood, poultry, legumes, and lots of eggs! It is also imperative to add monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats such as olive oil, nuts, seeds, avocado and fish – particularly oily fish such as salmon and tuna.

Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of fluids on a regular basis. Stay hydrated throughout the day and ensure that you limit or entirely stop alcohol consumption to detox your body. Load up on lots of water, diluted fruit juices or try a sports drink you like. Most important thing to remember is to hydrate regularly and consistently.

Sleep well: Resting your body is important and much needed for achieving maximum performance on the run day. For all marathon participants, resting well and a good sleep is especially critical, as sleep deprivation can adversely affect body recovery. During a run practice or a training session, your muscles break down on a cellular level. Sleep allows the body to repair those cells, enabling you to bounce back stronger and faster. So, sleep well to run better.

Take care of your muscles: Rest your muscles post every running or a training session so they’re primed for the day. An ice bath or a pack may help reduce any inflammation that you may have in the lead up to the event. Although you may feel obligated to put in a last training session the day before, if you have trained properly, you will not lose any fitness by resting the day before your run. We recommend using our Deep Heat Roll-on before the race to ease those aching muscles. Feel it work as it provides targeted, warming relief to help ease tight, knotted muscles through the benefit of massage. It helps to relax soft tissue, promoting blood circulation and great movability so you can run for longer and faster. Its roll-on application is easy to apply and fits well in your running bag. It is non-greasy, absorbs quickly into the skin and will not stain your running gear. With a subtle herbal fragrance, it can be used anywhere, even at work!


Calm your mind: Stay focused and meditate or use the time before a run to soothe your mind. Stay calm and spend time doing activities that help in doing the same. Mental preparation is as crucial as physical training. You could also book yourself in for a massage or spa treatment or try a 20-minute meditation using an app or YouTube video. Taking a break from your regular training session is also a must-do before the big day.

Get ready for the big day: A few things to keep in mind as you get ready for the Great Ocean Road Running Festival is to equip yourself with all the information available for the run event. Make sure your registration is complete and you have received your race pack. Prep your running gear with running apparels, your running shoes, running sunglasses if needed. Load up on SPF 50+ sunscreen, get a cap, a water bottle if you want a particular drink that is not available at the drink stations during the course. Keep watching the official running festival website for updates on the running course, car parking, running details and other information that may be relevant to your run.

As you get closer to the run day, take it slow, stay focused and make sure to eat healthy, stay hydrated and rest well. Keep your muscles prepped and ready with Deep Heat Roll-on to optimise performance and post-training recovery, and feel it work as you get ready for the Great Ocean Road Running Festival 2023.

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