From the Great Ocean Road to Thailand: Apollo Bay College Spreads Joy with Festival Merchandise Donation!

Apollo Bay College runs an international trip every three years, which their students fundraise and work for, to both pay for their travel and also to support a charity in the country they visit.

This year, the college travelled around Thailand and supported the Ayui Foundation, which is a charity that supports Thai Hilltribe children. These children come from marginalised and very poor families. The Foundation provides them with a home, meals and requires strict school attendance in the hope they can finish their education and find positive employment to break the cycles that often exist in their remote, rural communities. Apollo Bay College carried the donated shirts from the 2023 Great Ocean Road Running Festival over to Chiang Rai and the children were completely thrilled to be given one as they mostly rely on clothing donations for their wardrobe.

Thank you to Apollo Bay College for their work with the Ayui Foundation!


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