soundcore: Run, Listen, Conquer

Are you ready to conquer one of the world’s most scenic marathon routes? This year, elevate your running experience with soundcore’s AeroFit Series Open-Ear Earbuds, the official audio partner of the Great Ocean Road Run Festival.

Let’s dive into what makes the AeroFit Series Earbuds the perfect companion to your running journey. At the end, you’ll also gain insights on how to win a pair of AeroFit Series Earbuds for yourself!


Embrace the Open-Ear Experience

Unlike traditional earbuds, AeroFit Series Earbuds are designed to sit comfortably outside your ear canal, allowing you to stay aware of your surroundings while enjoying your favourite song or podcast — a perfect choice for outdoor activities where situational awareness is key.


Lightweight and Comfortable

Marathon running is all about endurance. That’s why the AeroFit Series Earbuds are designed to be ultra-lightweight and comfortable, ensuring distraction-free runs. Crafted with 0.7mm thick aerospace-grade titanium wire, they offer a flexible fit that stays secure through every step, providing an extended listening experience.


Endless Power

Powering your running playlist, the AeroFit Series Earbuds boast extended battery life. Get up to 14 hours of audio on a single charge with AeroFit Pro, and with the charging case, you’ll have up to 44 hours of listening time at your disposal.


Immersive Sound Quality

Immerse yourself in rich sound quality with titanium-coated domes delivering rich mids, crisp highs, and a balanced sound profile. Plus with soundcore’s BassUp™ technology, add an extra boost of bass for an energizing run, whether you’re into heart-pumping beats or calming melodies.


Competition Alert: Win a Pair of AeroFit Pro & AeroFit Earbuds

Excited to gear up with a pair of AeroFit Series Open-Ear Earbuds? Here’s your chance to win a pair for yourself!

Simply follow us on Instagram or TikTok @soundcore_anz, post, tag us, and use the hashtag #soundcoreaerofit on May 18-19. Two lucky winners will receive either the AeroFit Pro or AeroFit Earbuds, so join us to elevate your running experience!

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