12 Week Training Diary – Week 1 ‘It’s all about consistency’

With 12 weeks until the Great Ocean Road Running Festival it’s time to begin developing some training consistency. Remember, this is a 12-week guide, don’t feel pressure to go all out and run the risk of causing yourself an injury. Start slow and build yourself a strong foundation.

The best way to start any type of running training is with consistent aerobic conditioning work. In the first month of the three-month training program, you’ll work on slowly increasing your distance and developing a strong base time. This period is designed to improve your overall fitness whilst also strengthening your muscles and connective tissue.

Each program is tailored to various levels of running capability, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner aiming to successfully complete your first marathon event, an intermediate runner looking to increase the intensity of your performance or a seasoned professional chasing a new personal best- there’s a training program to assist you in achieving your goals.

Each 12 week training program contains 3 types of sessions:

  • Hill sessions (strengthens connective tissue, reduces the risk of injury and improves form)
  • Speed sessions (allowing you to become a faster runner)
  • Race simulation (giving you the opportunity to simulate your race day conditions). Trial your race day diet. You can’t complete a marathon without the right fuel!

Don’t forget to include a cross training session at least once a week – it improves cardiovascular endurance and minimizes potential for injury by strengthening other muscle groups. Mix it up with an activity you enjoy such as cycling, swimming or plyometric work. Adding a day of cross training also allows those worn-out running muscles (hamstrings and calves) a chance to recover and repair.

This week’s golden rule: Maintain consistency and stay injury free in you preparation. This groundwork combined with the adrenaline-charged race day atmosphere will allow you to go all the way on May 21!

12 week training plans are now available for the following events:

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