12 Week Training Diary – Week 5 ‘Staying Motivated’

Maintaining your motivation during the marathon lead up is a challenge for all runners, no matter the skill level. When you’re approaching the half way mark in training, it’s easy to lose the drive you might have started out with. Below are a few suggestions that might assist you in pushing through the tough times and regaining some much needed energy and determination.

Firstly, don’t be afraid to make running fun again! Go for a run for enjoyment, don’t worry about your pace or distance. Leave your tracker at home and try and enjoy the feeling of being outside and active. Grabbing yourself a running buddy or joining a running group is also a great way to break a monotonous routine. Hitting the pavement with a friend gives you someone to talk to and provide encouragement.

Change up your playlist! Whilst everyone has some particular tracks that are fantastic to motivate you when climbing that hill, sometimes the same old tunes can get a bit boring. Download some new songs or find a pre-built running playlist on Spotify. Also consider mixing up your usual running route- instead of hitting the footpath on your typical mapped out track, run in the park or even go for a drive and explore a new location.

Keep focusing on the end goal. Whilst it’s common to have ups and downs in your motivation levels, remember why it was you signed up in the first place. Keep in mind how good you’ll feel when you cross the finish line, or when you smash a previous personal best!

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