Why running is great for your family

While it’s tempting to spend down time with your loved ones vegging out in front of Netflix after frantic week in the office (guilty!), getting the family up and active over the weekend provides a range of short and long-term benefits for everyone.

Running is generally considered a solo endeavour however, it’s also a terrific family activity and one which you can start immediately with very little effort. What’s more, running events usually cater for a range of age groups and fitness levels by offering shorter running and walking events, so no one in the family misses out.

Here are our top three reasons why you should make running the family pastime.

  1. Combine weekly family time and training time. Being a runner means you’re often juggling priorities and giving up precious family time to get your training sessions in. Why not sign your family up to the event you’re currently training for (with their consent of course) and combine the two?! Bonding over exercise is truly satisfying and what better way to connect with your family than to nail some fitness goals together.
  2. Your family holiday plans are sorted. There are many fabulous running events both in Australia and overseas, which provide the opportunity to visit exciting cities and spectacular scenery. Why not plan your next family holiday to include an event? Not only will you having an amazing time exploring the area together, knowing that you’re spending part of your holiday doing something that’s ‘good for you’ means you can enjoy the rest of your trip guilt free.
  3. Set a great example for your kids. Nothing is more important as a parent than setting your children up with good habits for life. This is particularly the case when it comes to incorporating good nutrition and regular exercise into your routine. By making time for exercise and bringing your kids along for the journey, you’re demonstrating that your health and theirs should always be a priority.

Remember, the family that trains together, stays together! Sign up for the Great Ocean Road Running Festival today and get going on your next family adventure.


Editorial by Rebecca Walker 

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