Half Marathon or hangover?

Struggling for some motivation? We’ve weighed  up the pros and cons of what’s really better, a Half Marathon or a hangover?

Another glorious season of running festivals will soon be upon us, where the weekend warriors strut their stuff alongside Australia’s sporting elite in a heady cloud of deodorant and dencorub. Events like the Great Ocean Road Running Festival not only provide an opportunity for participants to achieve a goal, improve their health and fitness and make new friends, but also the unique experience to run through some of the most spectacular scenery Australia has on offer.

With these benefits in mind, it’s hard to understand why more people don’t run, and choose instead to spend their weekend nights drinking booze and their days hungover. Or is it? As I sit back on a Thursday night, contemplating whether I should hit those after-work drinks tomorrow or head straight home so I’m ‘fresh’ for the ‘long run’ my half-marathon ‘squad’ is doing tomorrow (using all the buzz words), one must really ask whether the sacrifice is worth it and more importantly, what will cause me the least amount of pain in the morning. Or, to put it more precisely, what’s better: a half-marathon or a hangover?

To assist you in the contemplation of this important issue, which no doubt has plagued casual runners since the dawn of time, we’ve come up with some cheeky pros and cons for each of these weekend endeavours…

Half-marathon pro: running is generally excellent for your physical and psychological health (unless you hate running, see below). An exercise regime that includes cardiovascular activity not only increases stamina, muscular endurance and heart health, but is also an excellent avenue for stress release. What’s more, it’s mostly free and the event fees you do pay means being able to feast on unlimited fruit and Endura electrolytes after your run while basking in a state of post-race exhilaration.

Half-marathon con: if you don’t like running, running is excruciating; no physical or psychological benefit can make you see past the pain and paying for the displeasure may well be beyond your comprehension.*

Result: the pro takes the cake here. Running is the new ‘black’, it’s time to get on board.

*The thoughtful team at Great Ocean Road Running Festival are again offering a walk category for the non-runners this year, where you can experience all of the event’s benefits without the pain. Who knows? You may even find yourself stepping up to the run next year…

Hangover pro: you had a great night out before you got the hangover. You drank, you ate, you were merry. You nailed those dance floor moves (beer goggles, woot woot!) and maybe you even got lucky (at the casino). #winningatlife

Hangover con: today, you have a hangover. Hangovers are THE WORST and their boo-factor increases exponentially, depending on how big your ‘hangover pro’ was the night before, see above. Unless you won at the casino, you are probably now also broke until payday.

Result: the con has it. Being hungover and broke sucks, especially at the same time.

Half-marathon pro: participating in running events means you have an excuse to travel to new places, run in scenic areas that would otherwise be closed off to foot traffic (when else are you ever going to get to run along the Great Ocean Road without a tour bus in sight) and meet like-minded people.

Half-marathon con: getting up at 3am to drive 4 hours to run 21km (or in the case of GOR, 23km) is a tough gig, particularly if you have a severe case of pre-race jitters and you need a nervous wee every 15 minutes.*

Result: win for the pro. Travelling is cool, even if only for a day trip. Hold it in.

*Why not give that lengthy race day drive a miss and improve your performance by making a weekend of it? Explore great offers for accommodation in the Great Ocean Road region.

Hangover pro: being hungover means you have a ‘legitimate’ excuse to lie in bed and watch Netflix all day.

Hangover con: this pro is no good to you if you have children.

Result: I have children. The con wins.

So there you have it. On balance, it is evident to this completely objective, life-long lover of running that half-marathons are in and hangovers are out.  If you agree (and you’re not currently hungover), its time to register for one of the distances on offer at this year’s event.

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Editorial Contribution by Rebecca Walker.

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