Post-run recovery made easy with Deep Heat

You have conquered one of the most scenic roads around the world. A feat in itself, completing the great ocean road run is an achievement of strength, endurance and strong will. Enjoy your win and revel in this moment of participating in the Great Ocean Road Running Festival 2023. As you take in your victory, do not forget to take care of yourself as running a marathon is tough and your body needs to replenish post a strenuous activity like this. We have listed down a few ways on how you can help your body and mind recover.


Energise, Strengthen and Replenish: Start your recovery process by drinking lots of fluids and juices that will not only refresh you but also replenish your lost nutrients. Staying hydrated is crucial and can help accelerate your recover journey. Along with loading up on nutritious fluids, also consume healthy food that is rich in carbs, proteins and other nutrients needed to strengthen your body. Add wholemeal grains and good fats to your diet along with coloured vegetables to boost your energy. Limit consumption of alcohol for a few days post your run and focus on adding multivitamins to your meal plans. Make sure you are eating healthy, regularly hydrating and are being consistent in doing so.

Rest, Relax and Rejuvenate: Exhaustion after a run is as much mental as physical. It is a test of your endurance, willpower and inner strength, which can be tasking to the mind. Post-run, your focus should be on taking lots of time out to relax and help your mind recover from the run. Unwind with a spa, massage, or a calming bath and your mind will thank you! You could also try meditation or mind soothing podcasts, videos, or books to pamper your mind further. Alternatively, you could go out for some activities you enjoy, catch up with friends and family to unwind and get back into the groove. The most important thing to remember is to sleep well. Rest as much as you can, rest your body and mind. That is imperative if you want your body to recover well after completing the Great Ocean Road Running Festival 2023.

Recovery made easy with Deep Heat: Give those tired muscles some tender love and care with Deep Heat patches and feel it work as it activates from 60 seconds. If you are experiencing muscle pain then opt for Deep Heat Muscular Pain Heat Patches as these thin adhesive patches provide up to 8 hours of targeted, soothing, temporary pain relief of back muscle pain, muscular aches or pain, joint stiffness and sports injuries including strains and sprains. They are great on smaller areas and on flexible joints. Being odourless and comfortable to wear, you can apply them to the skin or over clothing when stepping out for all day relief. If you are troubled by neck tension, upper back pain, shoulder pain and joint pain or stiffness, try the Deep Heat Neck and Joint Heat Patches. These are sure to alleviate the aches and cramps to fasten your recovery process and give you the much-needed pain relief. Be sure to always read the label and follow the directions for use.

Always remember that the recovery process can be slow, and it will take your body some time to feel at its best. Be patient, do the needful, give your body and mind everything it needs to recover and relax to get back in the game. Deep Heat is with you all the way!


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