Welcome To Green Week

It’s officially Green Week!

This week is all about celebrating Our Road, Your Road, and promoting our sustainable initiatives at the RACV Great Ocean Road Running Festival.

With the help of Fifteen Trees, we will be planting a tree for each new registration throughout Green Week! So if you haven’t already, register for one of our 9 events and do your part for the environment and assist us in sustaining the beautiful Great Ocean Road.

Fifteen Trees (est 2009) is a social enterprise located in the Central Highlands of Victoria. Their primary aim is to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint through supporting Australian community tree planting projects.

The community groups who plant the trees have local knowledge and expertise. They plant native trees indigenous to the area and at the right time of the year (usually the winter months) this in turn ensures a very good strike rate for the trees. All trees are planted with tree guards to protect them from harsh environmental conditions and grazing animals.

Planting indigenous trees encourages native wildlife to establish itself within the plantation and sets up a whole self-sustaining ecosystem. In the interests of biodiversity, Fifteen Trees also provide native shrubs and grasses to the community groups. Local independent plant nurseries provide the trees, in many instances propagating the plants using locally collected indigenous seeds.

Once the trees have been planted, the Fifteen Trees website is updated with information about where the trees have been planted, what type of trees have been planted along with photos of the trees and the story behind the planting group.

Over the past 14 years, Fifteen Trees has helped 100s of community groups to plant over 350,000 native trees across Australia. Director and Founder, Colleen Filippa has 25 years’ experience working in the field of science, education and conservation.



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